The Cathedral of Sts. Francis and Anthony is a reformed Catholic church. We are not in union with Rome. We offer the 7-Catholic Sacraments (Baptism, Penance, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Matrimony, Holy Orders, Anointing of the Sick [aka: Extreme Unction]), appropriate preparation for sacramental reception, Wedding Officiators both liturgical and civil, End of Life Transitions,  Sunday School, and Diverse prayer times, retreats and days of recollection. We are also reaching out to you to help us spread the Gospel. please read below.
Evening Prayer-Days of Recollection/Reflection and Retreats.

Prayer is essential. Once a space is rented or built The Cathedral parish  will have regular evening prayer around 6 PM.  All are welcome.  We also offer, for a fee (to be announced) Spiritual Retreats.  As a service we also offer days of reflection and reconcilliation at no formal cost.



We are a new congregation. We need volunteers to start up. Hopefully, we will be able over time to pay people for there services and offer diverse benefits.  However, for now Archbishop Tony needs your help!  He is looking for people to volunteer as secretaries, parish council members (6), Computer and Marketing people, Grant Writers, and outreach volunteers to gather new parish members.  We are also looking for at least two volunteers who will help us serve the poor and needy in our community. Please contact Archbishop Tony if interested at

Sunday School

Our children and adults are important to us in growing the Body of Christ.  Once we have established a congregation, there will be Sunday school offered. Parishioners will be asked to volunteer as Sunday School Teachers.  School times will be set at the convenience of the families and the liturgy schedule. There is no fee for this ministry but donations are appreciated.


Christian Initiation School


For non-Catholics wishing to join the Catholic Church Bishop Tony and volunteers will teach a full range of Catechetics (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) in preparation to be received into the church and in preparation to receive all 7-Sacraments in their proper order. Details can be sought by e-mailing Archbishop Tony at  There is no-fee for this ministry, donations are appreciated.

Liturgy (Mass), Weddings and Funerals

The Cathedral parish of Sts. Francis and Anthony is a Catholic Church.  As such we offer the 7-Sacraments.   


 We are looking for church space.  However, in order to use local churches until we have a place of our own, we need at least 15 people in attendance on a regular basis, and grow from their.


Come as you are. Formal attire not necessary!  If  you wish, I will celebrate mass or the sacraments at your home or other suitable place by request.  I would love to come over and give a house blessing if that be your desire.


In addition to mass, part of our ministry is the officiation at weddings.  There is a fee attached for these services that is negotiated at the time of the wedding planning.  This is one of two sources of income at this time for the church.  Fees start at $300.00 and up.  However, Services will not be denied due to inability to pay. If in financial difficulty we ask that you prove the difficulty and complete a fee waver.  


Funerals are a second source of income.  Fees start at $300.00 as like the weddings, inability to pay will not be cause to deny the service. We ask, again, for proof of financial hardship through the completion of a fee waver form.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation and Anointing


The sacrament of reconciliation and anointing is offered at your request as a service to you. Contact Archbishop Tony if the need arises either e-mail him at or call at 650-455-5508.

AOD Treatment

Archbishop Tony is a California Certified and Licensed Addictions Counselor, Clinical Supervisor, Denial Management Specialist. He specializies in Alcohol, Drug, Forensic and other counseling needs. This is a fee- for- service offering. Appointments and Fees can be discussed and made, by calling          650-455-5508 or e-mail at

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