The New Order of St. Francis

The New Order of St. Francis (NOSF) secular Franciscan community within the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ. It is open to all who wish to experience prayer, community, and the simple life of St. Francis of Assisi.  The NOSF is protected by our Primate Archbishop Dr. Karl Rodig


The order is open to men and women of all walks of life 18 years or older,  married or single or in a Domestic Partnership who are within the Christian Faith Tradition.  Our headquarters is in Detroit, MI. Individual's wishing to learn more about the charism, or joining the order may do so by writing directly to Archbishop Tony at,  Reference NOSF.  


Our rule is very simple, "To live a life in accordance with the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ." We follow the Secular Franciscan Rule and Constitution. 


There is a process leading to solemn vows. We begin with Candidacy. This is the inquiry stage.  An application/request is completed and sent to Archbishop Rodig who will contact you .  


Fear not, you will not be told or demanded to do anything other than live the lifestyle and work for the Glory of God in your chosen ministry and mission . You will learn about St. Francis, his life and charism, and discern if this lifestyle is one for you.  If interested feel free to contact Archbishop Tony who will discuss your vocation and put you in contact with Archbishop Karl. 

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