Donations and Gifts- The Building Fund

The Ecumenical Catholic Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua is looking to formulate a 501-C-3 corporation or an LLC.  To do this, Archbishop Tony wants to make sure there are people and an interest in both the ECC and hopefully the NOSF.  As such once established , and a corporation is formed, it is our intent that all donations be tax deductible and donators will be given a letter from the Archbishop or Treasurer for all donations made.  At this time we are seeking members to join the church  and donations to build a missionary church in the Sacramento Area, in an effort to move out of the small and rather inadequate, house church.  The building costs for one year are in excess of two million dollars.  Donations can be made through pay pal at Bishop Tony Scuderi, or  Please be generous.  


We are looking to build a church, parish house, and conference center for the poor, workshops and retreats and a place to meet regularly for Christian Fellowship and outreach.  Along with this we are also looking for volunteers with a business background and advertising savvy to work with Archbishop Tony in this daunting task. If interested please e-mail Archbishop Tony at  In the tag line please reference ("Building Help/Fund"). RFP upon request.


May God bless your generosity and assistance.