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His Excellency Archbishop Anthony Joseph Scuderi, NOSF, DD, PsyD, DMin.,MDiv, M.A., B.S., AA

Apostolic Nuncio for the United States of America for the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ-Worldwide

Metropolitan Archbishop of California-USA- Bishop Protector: Order of Franciscans Ecumenical


Archbishop Tony was appointed Apostolic Nuncio to the United States by His Excellency the Ecumenical Primate of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ Worldwide (ECCC) on January 21, 2021.  He is also the Metropolitan Archbishop of California, USA (2012- Interim at Present); The Dean of Students and Formation Director for the Western Region of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ (2013-Present), and The Bishop Protector for The New Order of St. Francis and Clare-Western Region (2019-Present). He is the first appointee given permission by the Ecumenical Primate of the ECCC to accept the office of  Bishop Protector of the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical.  In 2021 he requested and was granted permission to write a layperson's guide to the Church Manifesto and a commentary on the Manifesto and the Code of Canon Law for the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ. 

Archbishop Scuderi has earned a Doctorate in Psychology, Doctor of Ministry, Doctorate of Divinity.  He has earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, A Master of Divinity, a Bachelor of Science in Mental Health Counseling, and an Associate of Arts in Correctional Administration. He is licensed to treat additions both in California and Internationally through the IC&RC credentialing  board. He is a  Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Addictions Life Coach and a Certified Relationship Life Coach from the American Institute for Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Center-New York

Archbishop Scuderi enjoys doing Japanese WaterColor, and he plays the Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, and some Piano.  He enjoys writing and is a published author with the most recent publication, available on, "And What Peace Can I Receive From God? The Miracle of Francis and the Leper.









ArbpScuderi COA4.png

The Episcopal Coat of Arms




Description and Explanation

Starting with the motto: “ Revireco Consillo et Animis!” (I grow strong again by wisdom and courage) is a derivation of his first Coat of Arms as a Bishop which read, “Quarit Sapientia Sancta In Corde Meo Et In Mente Meae” (Holy Wisdom is Sought in my Heart and in my Mind).  As a child, Archbishop Tony’s father constantly reinforced the importance of education and the gathering of knowledge both theologically and worldly. Throughout the years' Archbishop Tony has excelled in a plethora of arena both academic and social. In these areas, he has treasured the experience and enjoyment of teaching that which he has learned with a personal mission to be of service and not to be served and to help those most in need of spiritual, social, and academic growth, need, and development.


In the upper left quadrant of the shield is found the Franciscan Symbol of the extended arms and hands of Jesus the Christ and St. Francis of Assisi.  In 1987, Archbishop Tony was ordained a Roman Catholic Franciscan Priest.  Throughout his life, since childhood where he first met the Franciscan Friars in Philadelphia, PA, St. Francis and the Franciscan Friars have played a prominent role in his mind, heart, and lifestyle. As a part of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ, he continues as a professed friar with them in the New Order of St. Francis (NOSF). and as Bishop Protector of the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical.  With the Spirit of St. Francis, Archbishop Tony continues seeking the simplicity and strength of the wisdom of St Francis of Assisi as a servant to God’s children reaching out to the poor and marginalized.  As Archbishop. His Eminence has chosen to continue his Franciscan charism as he continues his journey and dream.


The upper right quadrant is the Symbol of our Faith, The blending of the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end which is in Jesus the Christ.  It is through modeling Jesus that we hope and work for world peace and the spiritual and physical comfort of all people.  If true to this charism, then in the “Omega-Time” we shall be joined with Jesus in the eternal paradise.


In the lower-left quadrant resides the symbol from the Scuderi Family Coat of Arms.  The gauntlet symbolizes that Archbishop Tony is ready to offer a challenge to those in need of discovering their calling to God’s Word and to accept, himself, the challenge that the office of Archbishop demands. The Gold/Yellow color in the armor symbolizes generosity and elevation of the mind striving for wisdom and understanding. The Silver/White color of the armor symbolizes peace and sincerity.  Finally, the Laurel Wreath is the symbol of Victory and Honor received through suffering with Christ and rising to new life In His Service.


The lower right quadrant holding the American Bald Eagle symbolizes the strength and freedom of the United States of America. It is here where Archbishop Tony will have his Seat and govern as Archbishop in the great State of California with humility and with the strictest of ethical standards in communion with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church,  and the  Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ-Worldwide.


Atop the shield is found the Miter, the symbol of the Holy Spirit. It is to be worn as a promise to all that the mission and ministry of the Archbishop are that of constantly seeking wisdom and courage from the Holy Spirit of God.  In the middle resides the jeweled cross, symbolic of the Triarchic Cross of Christ symbolic of Three Persons in One God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is a remembrance that the office of Archbishop is one of service, support, and supplication under the guidance of the Holy Trinity.  Next to the Triarchic Cross is the Crosier.  This is the symbol of the office of Bishop or Shepherd to the people of God. It is meant to symbolize the wisdom, guardianship, and remembrance that being a shepherd is a team effort never to be done in isolation. It is a reminder that where two or more are gathered in His name, their Wisdom is found and, Wisdom is never discovered in isolation or individually mandated, but rather a concerted effort.


All this is surrounded by the Green Hat and Tassels delineating the Office of Bishop, and the humbleness of said office as Teacher, Guardian, Healer, and most of all Servant of Servants.     Amen!